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How To Enjoy A 2 Week Vacation in New York

New York or the big apple is the heart! Millions of people around the world love the absolute global aura that filters from every corner and falls in love with its rich diversity and zinc that retains the essence of the United States.

Why you should choose New York City as your tourist’s destinations

The city of New York is really big in terms of tourist decorations, so it is very scary to enjoy the original portion of this city in a short period. It is smart to save at least two weeks to live the dreams of “American”, buy, eat and worry about the content of the heart! Skip some of the great attractions, shopping destinations, nightclubs and restaurants that help a lot to make the most of the two weeks in the city.

1. Sightseeing

The city of New York is full of attractions, a treasure for tourists who book flights to New York. The experience of tourism, interesting museums, skyscrapers, and green parks is always memorable and exciting. Historical fans who take plane tickets to America can clear the way to the impressive Metropolitan Museum of Art and see the huge collection as viewers can head to Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Top of The Rock Inn, Rockefeller Center and African Burial Ground.

2. Shopping

Shopping is an important pastime in New York. Every traveler should try retail therapy in an American style. If you’re a luxury traveler or an economic traveler, the city caters to all types of guests. Buyers who are miles away from Vogue can go to Barney’s New York and choose exclusive and trendy groups of boutique boutiques. No trip to New York is complete without stopping on Fifth Avenue, full of shops and great stores.

For cheap shopping, visitors booking tickets to New York can go to various locations, such as AvaMaria at 107 Crosby Street (between Houston and Prince) and Century 21 on Cortland Street, between St. Church and Broadway.

3. Eating out

The city of New York has won one of the best plants and is best seen in the city’s food. The city is famous for its rich and delicious cuisine, and you can taste a wide variety of cuisines, such as pizzas, pork rinds, meats and much more. Pizza lovers can head to Lombardi’s Pizzeria at 32 Spring Street and taste the clam pizzas that are a special treat. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, L & B Spumoni Gardens, and Nick’s Pizza are other excellent options for pizza lovers. On the other hand, Dim Sum fans can go to Jing Fong at 20 Elizabeth Street to enjoy the delicious dim sum, while meat lovers can go to The Strip House at 13 East 12 Street.

4. Nightlife

New York is always enjoying music and entertainment. From theatre and cinema to jazz, blues, and rock, the city offers dozens of night activities for its guests. Tourists who buy tickets to New York can give Times Square, South Street Harbor, and downtown Brooklyn the opportunity to learn how to celebrate the city.

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Renting a Car Under Age in Denver Is Possible

If you wish to go for underage SUV car rental Denver downtown then you do not have several choices but to go through SUV rental agencies. Now that may appear to be a trouble to some, however, it does not need to be that way if you are attentive and aware to some extremely straightforward and easy steps on how to get your rental automobile on the road as soon as doable than you have got completely nothing to worry about.

You are going on a trip with your friends

Your Mini Cooper Convertible can be cute when you drive it along the back roads in an afternoon all by yourself, but it certainly won’t be an option if you are planning to go on a trip with ten of your college pals. Why? Simply because you all won’t be fitting into it, at least not without paying a fine to the cops. So, what you will probably do is take two cars for the trip. Don’t you think it will be better to take a big car instead of two small ones? This way, you will not just be saving money on the fuel but also doing some good to your environment. It may not look so glamorous but it will surely be more sociable

Driver Age requirement

Some Rental car companies will rent to those 18 and above in certain situations. Government or Military personnel on official business are often allowed to rent. Some companies will rent a car as an insurance replacement vehicle. The minimum age requirement applies to the renter as well as any additional drivers. All Rental Companies have a minimum age requirement, usually 25. Some will rent to those 21 years old with a surcharge, which tend to range from $5.00 to $25.00 a day. Ask about this policy if you are under 25.

Requirements for additional car drivers Additional drivers are often required to meet most, if not all, of the same requirements as the renter. Rental Companies may be flexible about the credit card requirements. Additional drivers must usually also be present to present their valid driver’s license to the Rental Company’s representative. Many Rental Companies will charge a fee to list an additional driver. Travel and Leisure. Before you go tips, cruise, hotel and airline tips, and last minute discount airfare

On safety grounds, most of the car rental companies don’t allow persons under the age of 18 to rent vehicles. Well, it is a good thing as teenagers have a higher risk of getting into accidents. Statistically, it is a proven fact too. Also, it prevents the car rental companies from paying for unnecessary damages.